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Need honest opinions of lovemaking scene…well almost…for my book here is a bite…but only a bite!


She glided towards him so close she could smell the metallic sweat smell floating above his chest hair. Unable to see his face she mentally out lined his body with his scent. He was nervous and excited but tried not to show the fear of what she was causing him to feel. The closer she got the fast his heart raced. He could smell the sweetness of her breath. So close but not touching. Tingling of static energy between their bodies. The arousal without  having the contact. They could feel each pleasure the other was wishing to do.  There fate was to be together the only thing holding them back was the chains attached to their legs.

puppy poem

Chain Link Fence

Chain Link Fence (Photo credit: camknows)

Looking through the chain link fence
to the life I left behind
The climbing, the digging the energy it took
I wish I would have been blind
The grass looked greener
until I was there
where I came from
I can’t help but to stare
now trapped looking back
to the other side
still I wait
wanting to go and hide
she opens the gate
she sees me here
I’ll never go back
that’s perfectly clear

Chain-link fence

Chain-link fence (Photo credit: Junnn)

silhouette picture snipet chapter six


look this is the start of todays writing           ironic!!!!!!<<
Saturday April 20, 2013 [-]
Lizzy and Dee returned home Dee was still holding the Picture Jessie had given her to her heart then as they pull up into the driveway she brings the picture down for her heart to take another look there was another picture stuck to the back of it almost trying to hide itself until that moment. It was a picture of a silhouette of Brad and his grandpa fishing.Brad was very young probably six or seven and his grandpa had a pipe and they were fishing in the stream that he had taken Dee to were he had told her he had loved her. Dee looks up to the sky and says “Thank you so much….. Brad” and puts the two pictures back up to her heart.

Starting chapter six of my novel

Fortune cookie

Fortune cookie (Photo credit: Kerry Buckley)

An unopened fortune cookie

An unopened fortune cookie (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today I am starting chapter six of my novel…I can truthfully say I love my book each day I become more and more attached to it…I will say this I am scared that when the times comes to share to the world . I am not sure how well that I am going to do sharing. I have been doing a lot of reading and outside of that I have been also joining in on different groups of people.The researching  of those mystical moment of our lives and loving ever minute of it. I recently had an astrological reading and was amazed by the accuracy of it. Who is to say the stars aren’t in our favor. I also had a nice fortune from fortune cookie with Fridays dinner! Have you ever been some where you have never been before but felt a familiarity of the place. I will say this as I write this novel it is coming so easily to me that familiarity I was speaking of like I have done this before. I wrote a lot in my teens and  in troublesome times in my life but not for the enjoyment of it. Now I have broken the seal of  my writing all the negatives of my life and turn to the positive  side of writing to share my success, wisdom and life’s lessons. I am also surrounding myself with new people and surroundings and I can feel the creative energy that all of us have but seem to keep dormant for what reason I have never been able to understand…Including myself! I see it now that I am writing on a regular bases! Keep in touch……as soon as I get my first draft finished I can give you a little nibble of my book!

peom of thought

The Thought Remains the Same

The Thought Remains the Same (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Advantage of
I have been taken
I am who I am
For granted of
I have been taken
I am who I am
mistaken for weakness
I am who I am
my believing
mistaken for ignorance
I am who I am
That… I am taken
I am who I am
that…I’m not mistaken
I am who I am
no changing my heart
I am who I am
no changing my thought
I am who I am
acceptance to the takers
I am who I am

four agreements


Yesterday in class we had a speaker that was wonderful. She brought up the four agreements. If you don’t know what they are Google it to get a more in depth description.

1.impeccable with words

2.Never take anything personally

3.Never make assumptions

4.Always do your best

All day I was going over in my head these four agreements and I Google it. It is truly is a wonderful way of thinking I have always tried to do my best to live these rules and I have also have broken them. On the most part I tried to stay faithful to them and to myself. I guess seeing them in writing and being talked about makes it even more prevalent. I called a friend to tell of my learning of the four agreements, she answered me with “I have the books” once again I was dumb founded. I figured all four agreements of course over time…. it took forty years……OK maybe not that long. They made books on it…… if only I had known…. I could have added a few more years of happiness on to my life.I would have learned it sooner… in high school! Look up … may change your life!

learning is living


As I sit here pondering over what to write.. I realize that learning all of these new ways to get my words out to the world…is me giving every one a piece of myself. So I will say this… I get rather intimidated. So here is a poem I wrote that may help you understand my feelings.

As I sit and ponder over what to say
I ask the lord.. as I pray
to give me strength and get me through
the lord is behind me that much is true
I worry of… what one might think
will I float or will I sink
the lord is behind me…I feel him there
so why do I worry or even care
get rid of the critic… that floats in my head
ever thing I wrote…I loved what I read.
so take this advise…love… every word
The lord is behind me and my prayer he heard.
I know the lord is pushing me through
so i am able to learn how to get my words out to you.

day two of my cyber journey and blogging so I can tell my story


Each day I learn more about this technology of blogging,which is mistisim, magic and spiritualness to me. Yes I need to learn this to tell you all about my story. I am from a small town and have lived, loved laughed and learned all of the iornies,the magic, mysticism and spiritual journeys what ever your belief you may be.It was always intiging to me the things none of us were ever able to explain and why thing end up the way they do so looking back at my lifes experience I see the magic and how the hands of god and the people that have come and gone into my life and were here so I am able to tell my story