learning is living


As I sit here pondering over what to write.. I realize that learning all of these new ways to get my words out to the world…is me giving every one a piece of myself. So I will say this… I get rather intimidated. So here is a poem I wrote that may help you understand my feelings.

As I sit and ponder over what to say
I ask the lord.. as I pray
to give me strength and get me through
the lord is behind me that much is true
I worry of… what one might think
will I float or will I sink
the lord is behind me…I feel him there
so why do I worry or even care
get rid of the critic… that floats in my head
ever thing I wrote…I loved what I read.
so take this advise…love… every word
The lord is behind me and my prayer he heard.
I know the lord is pushing me through
so i am able to learn how to get my words out to you.

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  1. Way to go Jorja! I know that fear when it comes to posting. You are sending a piece of yourself into the world. What you will find is more support than you realized and less criticism than you feared.

    I’m impressed that you have come so far so quickly! It took me a lot longer to get brave enough to post!


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