four agreements


Yesterday in class we had a speaker that was wonderful. She brought up the four agreements. If you don’t know what they are Google it to get a more in depth description.

1.impeccable with words

2.Never take anything personally

3.Never make assumptions

4.Always do your best

All day I was going over in my head these four agreements and I Google it. It is truly is a wonderful way of thinking I have always tried to do my best to live these rules and I have also have broken them. On the most part I tried to stay faithful to them and to myself. I guess seeing them in writing and being talked about makes it even more prevalent. I called a friend to tell of my learning of the four agreements, she answered me with “I have the books” once again I was dumb founded. I figured all four agreements of course over time…. it took forty years……OK maybe not that long. They made books on it…… if only I had known…. I could have added a few more years of happiness on to my life.I would have learned it sooner… in high school! Look up … may change your life!

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