puppy poem

Chain Link Fence

Chain Link Fence (Photo credit: camknows)

Looking through the chain link fence
to the life I left behind
The climbing, the digging the energy it took
I wish I would have been blind
The grass looked greener
until I was there
where I came from
I can’t help but to stare
now trapped looking back
to the other side
still I wait
wanting to go and hide
she opens the gate
she sees me here
I’ll never go back
that’s perfectly clear

Chain-link fence

Chain-link fence (Photo credit: Junnn)

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  1. thanks lori……I so appreciate your input…..more than you know! After taking this class Rhonda informed me that you had wrote a book. I was so excited to go on line and find it…..and I loved it…had to get it! My mother had talked about writing childrens books her whole life and being 70 this year I needed to get her going on it.So we took the class together. I was a closet writter….Scared of people reading my words but now I guess I have lost that care of what people think of me….as long as I know who I am is what counts! love ya and take care!


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