First Draft….Done!


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I have just finish my first draft…..I did it. I have now accomplished something in my life at 41 that I always said I was going to do. I can not explain the feeling that I am having.  So unexplainable that no word is powerful enough to put down. I am very excited to start the rewriting and editing. Now that my novel is on paper I want to read it over and over. She is so beautiful almost like the baby girl I never had. I have two boys,  love them dearly and always wanted boys. I do occasionally love the girl stuff or at least miss the girl stuff. I live in a very testosterone driven  house hold. I hope to be getting some people lined up for proofreading in approximately two weeks that is the time limit I am giving myself to clean her up a bit. Very excited about someone else reading it and giving me the honest truth. I love it and it is all that matters. I guess to know someone else loves it, even likes it, or doesn’t like it. I’ll be okay with that too.  Very mixed emotions I am trying to figure out. I am assuming I just need to know if they feel what I felt when I wrote it.  If they do then I know I accomplished more than what I had set out to do. I want to put my book on your shelf, after you have read it of  course.

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  1. There’s nothing quite like getting to the end of that first draft! The feeling is euphoria, excitement, fear, elation, anticipation, and a whole mix of other emotions. Congratulations Jorja on accomplishing something many attempt but much fewer accomplish!


  2. Hello, Jorja!

    I, too, have finished a story or two in my time. I do the web page for Michael’s publishing site, ClearView Press, and in return he publishes my books for me (Charles Brass). But recently I published my first short story! So I totally get the feeling!

    Good luck with the rest!

    C. Brass


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