Scared of what may come

Reasonable doubt

Reasonable doubt (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Doubt and fear….not seen to the eye

trust and belief…practiced with each breath

learning to live…..wanting to love

hearing the song…..holding back each tear

laughter is there…..finding its way

sun is shining……moon is glowing

books are written…..some never read

 world rotates….. there is no perfect place

some live happily……some live ever after

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  1. Hi Jorja! I LOVE free verse poetry. This is very well done. I like the fact you’re going to poetry at this point to keep going while you’re in rewrite. You possess a nice knack for imagery. You also are the most “writer” driven person I’ve come across in a dozen years. I appreciate your passion for expression and I hope you keep it up for the rest of your days.


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