Another step closer…My Novel is forming into a beautiful butterfly

English: Comma butterfly on Hemp Agrimony near...

English: Comma butterfly on Hemp Agrimony near 908552 See 1110097 for same closer-up. Also see (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have stepped away from my novel for a week, suggested by my teacher, Mike Ray King. This weeks class we started on editing and rewriting. I will admit not reading it made me doubt myself a bit. As they say the hardest battle is always with the self. I was thinking it wasn’t good enough to be published and I was wasting my time. I have learned, I was wrong. I have absolutely loved every step I have made towards a finished product. As I have been sitting here going over the story and rewriting some of my words. The excitement of it, is back. I realized I was the caterpillar as I wrote. In a cocoon state editing and rewriting. The finished product a butterfly, just as my novels story flows. There is a bond, friendship and meaning with this novel. I can’t put the feelings to words. It is an attachment that I must continue to nourish. I know this is something I am supposed to do, my fate. I will admit there was a lot of time and effort put in it, but it was worth each second I spent. The more I read over it, the more in love with it I become. It is amazing the effect I get from each word. As I think back to when I was writing the story, I ask myself “How did I come up with that?” I’m still bewildered. They say you don’t choose a book, it chooses you. I do believe this one choose me. This story wanted to be written and I am the one who wrote it. I will see it through to the end. No matter how long it takes. I don’t expect fame or fortune. I would just like to have someone  benefit from it or recognize the beauty in our everyday lives that get taken for granted. I will not give up!
I am an author!

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  1. I LOVE seeing/hearing writers claim “I am an author!” That is one of the best feelings a person gets to enjoy. Being an author is a badge of courage as well as a purple heart! Getting to read the first draft of this book is indeed an honor. Three cheers for Jorja!!!


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