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My heart has been exposed!

Forever in My Heart

Forever in My Heart (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

They say that writing exposes your heart. My heart has been exposed. Thanks proofreader’s! I am getting good fed back of my story. Hard work getting rid of the red marks but your words have made it so worth doing. I really am doing it and that is the greatest feeling. I always said it but never actually through that I would follow through I fouled myself. I did it and It was so worth the effort! I shall prevail! My proofreader’s seem to have gotten as much as I have and that was all I asked. It was a marvelous joy ride, an adventure and a dream. I can’t wait to share this joyful experience.

Bleeding words


Words (Photo credit: sirwiseowl)

As the bleedings words of every page,

turn to songs of gifts and praise.

My strength grows stronger

with encouraging word.

The whisper of hope

 I have always  heard.

I lived it now and  survived it all.

Proud and strong. I’ll stand brave and tall.

My dream, I’m living it  today.

The words I have wrote, has come out to play.

Enjoy my words, for they have bled.

Survive the wounds, my words have said.

Live the life.

Love the words.

Laugh through the tears.