Monthly Archives: July 2013

Hi all missed you!


 I have been busy! Still working on making my book pretty for the public eye. I will say life got in the way a bit, but I was still giving the novel its attention. I will say every time I change something in it, it does make it prettier. I also am writing the next novel. Taking smaller steps on this one, because I really love writing. Savoring it I guess! Hopefully I will be done with number one before too long. I know I have patient people waiting on me. Bare with me please…It is my first and I want it perfect. Never have been much for perfection, but this time is different….I want it perfect! I have been looking into some art work for the cover and your fed back would be great help. Something with flowers and/or butterflies would be what I have in mind.

It’s been A While


Missing your music,  the words of your song

The kiss of your laughter, for it has been too long

Dreams of dancing in the rain

No sign of sunshine to ease the pain

Your shadows are here, behind every door

My selfishness and wants for you, even  more

Stability and comfort , you work too hard

Our work and misfortune, we were dealt the wrong card

A new deck is shuffled,  and played with care

The reward will be great, and enough to share

It is a journey to learn from, to master each plan

To accept the life we have in our hand

Don’t give up we have come too far

We never lacked trying, to reach each star

God knows that’s true and has a plan to follow

Living without each other is getting hard to swallow

I am still with you, each step, each mile

Missing your kiss  and love,  it has been a while