Hi all missed you!


 I have been busy! Still working on making my book pretty for the public eye. I will say life got in the way a bit, but I was still giving the novel its attention. I will say every time I change something in it, it does make it prettier. I also am writing the next novel. Taking smaller steps on this one, because I really love writing. Savoring it I guess! Hopefully I will be done with number one before too long. I know I have patient people waiting on me. Bare with me please…It is my first and I want it perfect. Never have been much for perfection, but this time is different….I want it perfect! I have been looking into some art work for the cover and your fed back would be great help. Something with flowers and/or butterflies would be what I have in mind.

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    • Funny you made that comment…I was just thinking that thought myself…only us few are privileged to see her become a woman! I so thank you!

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