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English: Wooden door Looking out of the door o...

English: Wooden door Looking out of the door of Freston tower Freston Suffolk a Landmark property opened for Heritage open days 2008 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After the years of storing stress of others and fears of my own.

My doors have open and freed them.

The sadness and emptiness that I held for years,

has been released into Gods hands.

I have opened my doors to a new life.

Accepting what enters with loving anticipation.

I am fulfilled with what I have accomplished.

I trust the future is only mine to make positive.

I welcome it with a open door and will keep it safe from the outside.

Weathered I may become but  my light will always stay warm and kind.

Maintenance of the self-will be a priority no matter how bad the weather gets.

I will show myself as an example of how all insides should look.

I may still make mistakes, but I will learn from them.

My door is open ready and waiting.

My door has opened to a new life

Somethings Missing…You!-free verse poem


Each morning I wake, there is something missing.

That first cup of coffee?

That first hot shower of the morning?

That first taste of the morning sunshine?

That first kiss?

That first car we bought together?

Our  house in the country?

Our first child together?

I guess we all miss the good things in life when we don’t have them!

All are here…except you…I miss you!

Blurb for my Book!


                     Chasing Butterflies In The Magical Garden

Lizzy returns to her small southern town with no plans of the future. Until she meets Dee, a former high school classmate rumored to talk to the dead. Lizzy and Dee go in search of butterflies in the magical garden we call life and find the lasting power of friendship. Needless to say, the magical garden is where you just might find what you are looking for.