Monthly Archives: December 2013

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


It’s been a while since I have posted messages about my life. Well my book is now written and in the public eye. I will say I have felt very vulnerable. Maybe that’s why I have not been tempted to post. In my personal life, I will admit it has been hectic but survivable. My husband has been away for six months working because work has become scarce here where we live. He has been working crazy hours to send money home to feed and put a roof over our heads. We are very grateful for his sacrifices. Maybe that too is why I have secretly been not blogging about my book that was released November 30, 2013, because I haven’t been able to celebrate this grand event with him. He will be returning home soon to celebrate Christmas with us. We can not wait for his arrival. This Christmas will be a great event for us. Every year is a great year but I guess having appreciation for each other will be even more beautiful. Hope every one has a great Christmas and holiday! Happy birthday Jesus! This is a time of great appreciation! Let heaven and nature sing! Until I blog again dear friend!


Blessed I am, for things I’ve done.

Blessed I am, for conflict I’ve won.

Blessed with the love and strength of others.

Blessed with parents, sisters and brothers.

Blessed with marriage, partnership and connections.

Blessed with a life of great perfection.