This is a friend of mine who has finished her manuscript and will be published soon!!!

Robin H. Soprano. Author/Writer

Hello, Good morning!  i am new to the blogging thing so forgive me until i know how to navigate around. I am usually a keep to myself type of person, but like everything you must grow….

Speaking of growing,   For most of my life i was a full time hairstylist from the time i was 16.

I even owned my own salon once!  After a decade or so of the same thing over and over, the same people over and over i thought is this it?! this is my life?! BORING!!  now, i have always been a reader, more so as i got older and found getting lost in a book was the greatest thing ever!  As my life went on, and my husbands business grew..i got even more bored! one night while asleep, something woke me up… i was all alone, and i don’t know where it came from…

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