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Authors need support! Check out this blog! I couldn’t have said it better myself!

Author Ruth Watson-Morris - The Voxian Series


I decided to take a look into why people feel that indie and self-published authors are a bad investment.
It doesn’t matter where your books are from all can be disliked, have mistakes in them and still not be the book you was hoping it to be.
But this I can tell you, self-published authors good or bad do get freedom to write how they wish to, you will find books you feel have problems with editing, misspelling, bad punctuation, but I have found these sorts of mistakes in those traditionally published as well.
All editing traditional and otherwise relies upon human eye, which can miss problems, but the more editing the book has the less chance the book has for having these mistakes.
Traditional publishers have many editors, and still I find some brilliant boo boo’s.
So what do I advise?
I have lists of favourite SP/Indie/Traditional published authors…

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