Wisdom from the Dung Beetle


This blog post is EXACTLY the wisdom that I needed to keep me motivated!! As a newby author the will and courage is a forever struggle! We love to write for ourselves, but when the project is finished what wait for reason!

The Transparent Author

dung beetle

My husband, Shawn and I were headed barefoot up to the beach for a stroll when he suddenly stopped me and pointed at the road.

What I saw, I kid you not, appeared to be a small piece of crap rolling itself across the street.

“What the hell?” I asked getting as close to a piece of crap a one can comfortably get.

I then noticed a beautiful iridescent insect, working diligently, pushing that tiny ball of doggie doo with all his little-bug might.

Shawn and I watched the guy for longer than I’ve ever watched a bug do anything…we were enthralled, captivated by his determination to manage something that the rest of us view as waste.

He eventually made it to the grass on the other side and we cheered for him (much to the confusion of passerby’s). Rather than stopping for a bow, he continued onward pushing that…

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