The Inspired Mic November Event Recap


Michael Ray King

So, we weathered the coldest evening of the year so far (unless something happened back in January or February I’ve completely forgotten). We sold out the event with a “Standing Room Only” audience! What a kick that is! Not only did we have a very diverse collection of material, we also were blessed with Heather Chalmers taking some nice pics. Here, I’ll share them with you:

Tim BakerTim Baker started us off with an “Ike” story…

Gi ArenaAnd Gi Arena followed up with her “Ike” short story…

Best-selling (Germany) author Susan Slater…Susan Slater

Laura Federmeyer read for the first time at The Inspired Mic from her first book…Laura Federmeyer

Terry Michael Hagans graced the audience with some poetry…Terry Michael Hagans

Tovah Janovsky read from her memoir in progress “Sojourner”…Tovah Janovsky

Becky Pourchot stepped in and read the rest of Tim Baker’s “Ike” story…Becky Pourchot

Renny Roker regaled us with a powerful and beautifully written love poem…Renny Roker

Jonathan Raney…

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