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Words Count: Speaking faith, hope, and grace

Jacksonville National Cemetery

In my mind, if we’re paying attention, life provides more than enough material for writers to craft amazing and memorable articles, characters or plots. The art of “What if” cannot be misplaced if we’re just living with our hearts, eyes and ears wide open.

On Aug 19, 2015, nearly 41 years after his death and 26.5 years after hers, I put my parents’ cremains to rest in the nearest National Cemetery.  In addition, the date was my dad’s birthday back in 1916; and it was the date, two years ago, that my brother and only sibling died of lung cancer.  If this was a scene in a novel, you’d probably be asking, “What the hell took her so long?” That’s a valid question, but I’m not answering it here.

The sky was glorious, the cemetery a serene, dignified and beautiful setting for veterans from all the wars. The flag flew…

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