Want to Write a Book?


This is the class I took to become a three time published AUTHOR!

Michael Ray King

Foxy blonde writingI’ve been presenting this workshop for three years now. Interestingly, when I first began, I was scared to death. Now, with over 100 people having finished their manuscripts, I look forward to each new class. This workshop motivates me, pumps juice into my creative tank, and gives me the opportunity to believe we can truly make an impact on our world.

If you’ve ever desired to write a book, but gave up, I’m telling you, this workshop is for you. I’m not saying this because I want more people in the class (which I do), but because I know this works. I know I can help. This is what I do best.

Everyone wants to pursue their best efforts and turn them into something of value. The great thing about a workshop like this is that I get to see the “value” in finished products – books. Ernie Gallo, Kevin…

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