Reading Between the Headlines

Reading Between the Headlines

Bob Mayer

Barnes & Noble has been destroyed by Amazon (CNN Money).


Barnes & Nobles current financial situation is something to be concerned about in publishing, even for those who earn the majority of their income from eBooks. This situation is not Indie VS Trad or eBook VS Print. This is an industry wide situation that affects all of us, but in different ways. So as business people in the publishing industry we need to plan for what our business will look like in 1 year, 3 years, 5 years, but just as important: what does that mean for YOUR career.

Nook is costing B&N money, which is bringing down any profit they might earn to try to turn their bottom line around. They spun off their college bookstore unit. They’ve had 4 CEO’s in five years. Stocks are in the red. Not looking too good for Barnes & Noble right now…

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