Chasing a personal butterfly-PART TWO- Detox time…


Another day in the sunshine I sit to tell you more of my personal chase. In part one I explained my troubles and struggles with my health and mental stability. All that remained after I stop drinking Diet drinks. I will say this I was feeling a lot healthier but still wasn’t my self. I decided to detox my body from all things that were not natural to my body. Here are a couple of great ways to cleans your insides…

I thought I had finally found what my body was asking for. It was working for many of my issues. Now here is where I am going to get very personal. I suffer from a form of colitis. IBS is part of my life. I have had this for approximately 20 years. Not a day going by that it doesn’t affect me in some way or another. I will say, stopping the Diet Mountain Dew did improve my stomach issues to some extent. Mentally, I was dropping further into a  saddened state. My Diet Mountain Dew was my HAPPY drug. Sounds crazy right? Really it made me feel good, well at least I felt like it did. Drinking the lemon water was cleanings it from my body. The lemon water was also giving me some energy. I have to say the apple cider too was giving me the same affects. It was helping but slowly I was becoming depressed. So my chase was not over…


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  1. I was on medication for acid-reflux disease, or Gerd, for about 10 years, and didn’t know the prescription drugs were robbing my body of much need vitamin B as well as leaching out other things essential to my well being. The consequences were terrible leg cramps, and a host of other ailments as a result of the ‘side effects’ of the other drugs. I was on 18 pills a day in total, most for pain control for an amputation and nerve problems in my good leg associated with my illness. I decided enough was enough. I was able to get off all prescription drugs, lost weight with exercise and a proper diet, AND I used a lemon/water/apple cider Vinegar/baking soda drink daily for a while, and it really works. It brings the stomach and intestines back to slightly alkaline, and that is where it is supposed to be. Now I take 3 supplements, and that is it!. I am finally getting my body back under control. Private message me for the recipe, or a link to my post with the Tonic recipe in it, and you can share here if you want.
    Good luck Jorja. You can do this.

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    • What I have learned over the last 4 years Lockie is amazing and simple. I am wanting to share it with everyone!!! You are absolutely right and there is a lot of ways we can better our health naturally without all of the drugs doctors are wanting to give. I would love for you to share that tonic recipe! I would love to post it!


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