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Announing an Upcoming Book Release…


The Transparent Author

With the support of new and seasoned writers, a dedicated editor, graphic artist, and a really cool photographer–all volunteering their time for a good cause ….I’m proud to announce the soon to be released (May 25th!) Flagler County Anthology.

book release party flier

If you live in Northeastern Florida, please join us for our big celebration.

For more information on our wonderful writing community check out the article in the Daytona News Journal

For specific questions email me at becky(at)

About the book….

Magical coins, mermaids, vengeful lunch ladies, and more….

You’ll find it all in this whimsical collection of stories written by seasoned writers and beginners alike, all hailing from our rich beach side community in Flagler County, Florida.

Take a dive into these nighttime tales of wild oceans, lost lovers, and fanciful beasts, and support not only our vibrant community but also local charity Christmas Come True, which will be…

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Writing from the Graveyard of Your Memories


Please read this post! It is exactly how I got started with the first book of my series! Then the story manifested its self!

Michael Ray King

Out of Your Mind Publishing1Snagging your writing mojo is really an exercise in accessing yourself. Writing is a solitary endeavor. You battle against yourself, but my experience with most of our battles is that we fight the wrong ones. When you desire to write your passion, whether fiction, non fiction, we tend to wrestle with rules. Not just any rules. Forget the rules of grammar, punctuation, syntax, and all that crap. We may fight those demons on some minor scale, but most often we fight rules of engagement.

Do you remember the manner in which the British was portrayed fighting battles with their lines behind lines behind lines of redcoats, exposed to the enemy? I always thought, “What a ridiculous way to fight! You place your military in obvious danger. They’re sitting ducks. Easy targets.

I feel often we fight our inner demons in that manner. We lay siege in and attempt to overwhelm…

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