Writing Naked


Poetry in Black and White

I chose to compose this post on Poetry in Black and White rather than my main author site, MichaelRayKing.com because it is here that I most often “connect” with the subject of this post. Too many times I feel we, as writers, embrace the concept that our writing must be accessible to all. Everything, and I do mean everything, I’ve experienced as a writer points to this. Sometimes the message is subtle, but its there.

Writing naked does not necessarily mean physically, even though I do so at times! LOL! Writing naked involves what a wonderful writer and friend in London once told me. She said, “When you post your ‘raw’ poetry, the writing contains accessible power for the reader.” I’m paraphrasing that last statement. I understood what she was saying, and I’ve worked to hone this concept over the years. Her first book is nearly done, and as an…

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