Radio SURF 97.3 FM and Yours Truly!

Radio SURF 97.3 FM and Yours Truly!


This coming Tuesday January 24th at 3:00PM I’ll be doing a spot light interview for our very own Flagler Beach Library Local author event, which will be held on Saturday January 28th. You can tune in by radio or online!





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  1. Dear Jorja; Hi I have read the first and second of your book. The first one blew me away I actually read that one in one day I just could not put it down ,I loved Lizzy and Dee and Ripley s characters they were such good friends to each other. I loved the mystical theme it is something that I personally believe in myself.I have lost many people that I loved and did feel them ,see them ,and hear their souls I wouldf say it is a very special life to be able to take your thoughts and write such beautiful work. When I read the second book I couldf not wait to start to see where you were going to go with the story and it was very deerp yet intriguing all the different elements that went in that book.I received all three of therm as a Christmas gift thast I asked for .I have to take my time reading the Unseen Universe,this is the last of the seriessi I will enjoy every word written for you are a great writer and will follow your new fan Lori. Thank You for every ensciptionfrtom your heart to your pen!


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