Write through Grief-Our family Garden



Our family garden
What if Momma was the sun, Daddy was the moon, and we are their garden. She set gracefully every night, so the moon could rise…
She beams her rays upon us, by giving us life, and light. Momma illuminates our family garden. Even the moment’s clouds would cover her, followed by the rain. Momma was sure to pull herself out long enough to give us light, so we could grow. And sometimes, she would make sure we noticed the rainbow that followed.
She planted seeds in us, and in our garden. Tiny seeds that each of us would carry on our journeys. Unique to our individual self. Her warm love and bright rays nurtured our seeds so they would germinate and blossom.
She would often spot light the fragile butterflies and hummingbirds, fluttering about our garden. Showing each of us freedom of fight and the process of pollinating.
She would often speak to us about preparing ourselves for times when she is unable to shine upon our family garden, moments of storms passing, or when night would arrive. And she assured us that she was still here, although our blooms may wilt.
Each new day she would rise again, and encourage us with her glistening brilliance. She bounces her luminous radiance to each of us uniquely, to become a beautiful part of our own family gardens.
If ever you miss her, do not grieve for long, love her by stepping into a stream of sunlight. She will wrap her warm loving light around you, so you can reflect it back to this world.
She cherished our family garden, just as she cherishes each of us and our seedlings. All Momma every wanted for us was to bear a delightful garden of our own. With plenty of flowers.
She shined upon us, so brightly, that when evening arrives, the brilliant glowing moon can savor our beautiful, infinite, family garden they created. – Jorja DuPont Oliva March 21, 2018

family garden picture

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