Just do it-New Year-NEW YOU


Hey guys it is resolution time! It’s that time of the year we decide to put that best foot forward and approach that goal we want to work on. May it be weight loss, eating right or even just getting your house organized? Why do we do this? Why do we wait to start at the end of one year and the beginning of another? Should every day be the start of a resolution? Maybe we are all just so programed to stay in our everyday struggle we don’t look for reason to, until after the fact, like New Year “new you”.
Funny story but on a serious note. When my Momma passed I went to a therapist, same therapist I have used on several occasions. We discussed the passing of my Momma and my personal struggles I was having. She asked what I was doing in the times I was emotionally struggling. I said I get up and wallow in my misery “Like a pig in mud” I added. She laughed at me then added “That is fine, just don’t stay there.” Something clicked that day and made me realize it’s the people who keep their energy in the mud and don’t move forward. Now only a few months ago My Daddy passed, it was just as hard and just as painful. (I wallowed in the mud a lot) He said to me days before his passing, “Quit saying you want to do something, and just do it”. Let’s just say I still hear his voice telling me to “just do it”. I knew there was going to be a lot of wallowing, but I also knew, not to stay there. Lesson learned. (Still learning and I have wallowing days)
The same therapist asked me “what makes you happy?” I added “My Family, my writing and, believe it or not, learning new things.” I wasn’t much of a scholar my years of schooling, I did what the minimal requirements were to move to the next level. So learning wasn’t my cup of tea back then. And learning about myself wasn’t even a thought. As I push closer to the age of 50 (I’m not there yet) I find learning new things to be exciting and adventurous. I find jumping out of my comfort zone refreshing and rejuvenating. Like a “new me “is being born. What really is fascinating is, it’s the “me” that was always there, I just stopped exploring her, upgrading her. In turn, the main reason that I stayed wallowing and didn’t keep moving. I focused on the struggle, I stayed there because it became comfortable.
So I guess my reason for my post today is, try setting your 2020 NEW YEARS resolution on getting out of your comfortable mud of 2019 and do one thing that is uncomfortable to you. Like “believe it or not” taking care of your body. Become your own best friend. Visit new places. Ask yourself each morning, “What will make you happy today?” and just do it. (Like my Daddy said) Learn something new and focus all your energy on being uncomfortable and before you know it, you will be comfortable, and self-maintenance will be your habit you can wallow in all year. Try something new. I love trying food I’ve never tasted before. Most of all, practice this all year, it doesn’t have to be after the fact. Just do it and do it now! Most importantly be good to you! Happy NEW YEARS resolutions to you!


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  1. I am blown away by where you were as a writer during your first book and where you are now. Sky’s the limit, and I don’t think even the sky could hold you back. May your writing soar to even higher heights in 2020! 🙂


    • Awww thank you 😊 I thought at one point recently that I wasn’t being productive enough with my writing…I realized I was just as productive but for myself. I think it dawned on me New Years Eve. Lol maybe 2018-2019 was finding the love of writing again (not that I lost it,) but the focus of why I write. When Momma passed I thought maybe I was only writing for her. It really is not the case but I needed to learn that on my own I suppose. Thank you for your support and encouragement!


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