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FREE- Mystical Forest KINDLE Edition


Dear Friends,

Boy Have I been busy! I apologize for not keeping you up dated…I have been working on book three Chasing Butterflies in the Unseen Universe. I’ll have to admit it is coming a long quite nicely. I have been challenging myself with more layered story and time hopping.

This coming month is a special month for me. It is kind of symbolic I suppose. April of 2013 is when I wrote my first draft manuscript. I wrote my first story! Chasing Butterflies in the Magical Garden  of course it wasn’t published until November 2013 but it was the first of many stories I have living in my head, now put onto paper. So to celebrate I wanted to give away Chasing Butterflies in the Mystical Forest KINDLE EDITION for FREE! Not just for one day I wanted to do it for three days! You heard right THREE days FREE! I thought three was a good number because I am at work on book three – Right?  APRIL 6, 7, and 8 – Chasing Butterflies in the Mystical Forest KINDLE EDITION FREE at Amazon!  Please remember to do a review.

I would like to send out a BIG THANK YOU to those of you who have already given one. It really means a lot to me! I have such a great group of friends! If you already have book two Chasing Butterflies in the Mystical Forest KINDLE EDITION please pass on the word to a friend. Also book one Chasing Butterflies in the Magical Garden is still only 99 cents! It is a GREAT DEAL! You can get directly to amazon right here >>>>>>>> Just simply click on the book and it will take you right to it! ENJOY!!!

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Your Friend,

Jorja DuPont Oliva


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


It’s been a while since I have posted messages about my life. Well my book is now written and in the public eye. I will say I have felt very vulnerable. Maybe that’s why I have not been tempted to post. In my personal life, I will admit it has been hectic but survivable. My husband has been away for six months working because work has become scarce here where we live. He has been working crazy hours to send money home to feed and put a roof over our heads. We are very grateful for his sacrifices. Maybe that too is why I have secretly been not blogging about my book that was released November 30, 2013, because I haven’t been able to celebrate this grand event with him. He will be returning home soon to celebrate Christmas with us. We can not wait for his arrival. This Christmas will be a great event for us. Every year is a great year but I guess having appreciation for each other will be even more beautiful. Hope every one has a great Christmas and holiday! Happy birthday Jesus! This is a time of great appreciation! Let heaven and nature sing! Until I blog again dear friend!


Blessed I am, for things I’ve done.

Blessed I am, for conflict I’ve won.

Blessed with the love and strength of others.

Blessed with parents, sisters and brothers.

Blessed with marriage, partnership and connections.

Blessed with a life of great perfection.

Empty Beach Chair


Imagining you there…

Sits your empty beach chair.

Sand castles we built with techniques you taught.

Sand in our ears and sand fleas we caught.

Waves of the ocean flow in and out.

Much like our emotions that float about.

Missing your company, so we brought your chair.

We are imagining you smiling, and sitting there.

Your chair waits patiently and filled with our love.

As we wait for our prayers to be answered from above.

It’s been A While


Missing your music,  the words of your song

The kiss of your laughter, for it has been too long

Dreams of dancing in the rain

No sign of sunshine to ease the pain

Your shadows are here, behind every door

My selfishness and wants for you, even  more

Stability and comfort , you work too hard

Our work and misfortune, we were dealt the wrong card

A new deck is shuffled,  and played with care

The reward will be great, and enough to share

It is a journey to learn from, to master each plan

To accept the life we have in our hand

Don’t give up we have come too far

We never lacked trying, to reach each star

God knows that’s true and has a plan to follow

Living without each other is getting hard to swallow

I am still with you, each step, each mile

Missing your kiss  and love,  it has been a while

Another step closer…My Novel is forming into a beautiful butterfly

English: Comma butterfly on Hemp Agrimony near...

English: Comma butterfly on Hemp Agrimony near 908552 See 1110097 for same closer-up. Also see (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have stepped away from my novel for a week, suggested by my teacher, Mike Ray King. This weeks class we started on editing and rewriting. I will admit not reading it made me doubt myself a bit. As they say the hardest battle is always with the self. I was thinking it wasn’t good enough to be published and I was wasting my time. I have learned, I was wrong. I have absolutely loved every step I have made towards a finished product. As I have been sitting here going over the story and rewriting some of my words. The excitement of it, is back. I realized I was the caterpillar as I wrote. In a cocoon state editing and rewriting. The finished product a butterfly, just as my novels story flows. There is a bond, friendship and meaning with this novel. I can’t put the feelings to words. It is an attachment that I must continue to nourish. I know this is something I am supposed to do, my fate. I will admit there was a lot of time and effort put in it, but it was worth each second I spent. The more I read over it, the more in love with it I become. It is amazing the effect I get from each word. As I think back to when I was writing the story, I ask myself “How did I come up with that?” I’m still bewildered. They say you don’t choose a book, it chooses you. I do believe this one choose me. This story wanted to be written and I am the one who wrote it. I will see it through to the end. No matter how long it takes. I don’t expect fame or fortune. I would just like to have someone  benefit from it or recognize the beauty in our everyday lives that get taken for granted. I will not give up!
I am an author!

puppy poem

Chain Link Fence

Chain Link Fence (Photo credit: camknows)

Looking through the chain link fence
to the life I left behind
The climbing, the digging the energy it took
I wish I would have been blind
The grass looked greener
until I was there
where I came from
I can’t help but to stare
now trapped looking back
to the other side
still I wait
wanting to go and hide
she opens the gate
she sees me here
I’ll never go back
that’s perfectly clear

Chain-link fence

Chain-link fence (Photo credit: Junnn)