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Magical Garden FREE!


December 2 Magical Garden KINDLE EDITION will be FREE!


Home at last!

Beware of Duct Tape

Beware of Duct Tape (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The hubby is home at last. Things are looking up. My novel is coming along quite nicely. Even now I’m still finding Typo’s. Each day it is getting stronger and stronger. I am not going to tell any one this was easy…it was not hard either. I will describe it as  a test of dedication. A beautiful test it was. Excitement of it is more than I am able to describe. I can’t stop thinking about it, working on it, and talking about it. My poor family is probably ready to duct tape me and put me in the closet. So here I am blogging about it. Interesting thing… I was working on the about the author part as I am writing I start writing  about everyone else and not myself…At that moment I realized that I would not have even been at this point in my life if it was for all the people I wanted to write about…I know I am confusing…even to myself. So my question to everyone is– Are we really who we are or are we a bunch of ingredients of others to make us the stew that we are? Until I blog again my friends!

day two of my cyber journey and blogging so I can tell my story


Each day I learn more about this technology of blogging,which is mistisim, magic and spiritualness to me. Yes I need to learn this to tell you all about my story. I am from a small town and have lived, loved laughed and learned all of the iornies,the magic, mysticism and spiritual journeys what ever your belief you may be.It was always intiging to me the things none of us were ever able to explain and why thing end up the way they do so looking back at my lifes experience I see the magic and how the hands of god and the people that have come and gone into my life and were here so I am able to tell my story

my journey out in cyber world


my first adventure to the world of blogging! i’ve always heard of its exitance but have never experienced it… i’m here and don’t know what to expect.I am difinatly excited to learn something new and hope it alows me to further my computer litteracy. I’m slowly beinging to understand the idea behind all of this.Cyber world here i come!