Cover for Sisterly


Hi Family, friends and fans!

I set out learning how to self-publish with Sisterly, which took me a little longer to get her out for you to enjoy. I’m only days away from her release on Amazon! Kindle edition will be available first, and paperback will follow. I wanted to give you a peek at the cover.

I’m very excited to have another book for your entertainment! This was a bit different from the Chasing Butterflies Series. It is my first Psychological/ Paranormal/ Thriller. I have always loved a good ghost story that would keep me guessing and now I have created one of my own… Watch for all the links I’ll be sharing so you can get your copy!


Radio SURF 97.3 FM and Yours Truly!

Radio SURF 97.3 FM and Yours Truly!


This coming Tuesday January 24th at 3:00PM I’ll be doing a spot light interview for our very own Flagler Beach Library Local author event, which will be held on Saturday January 28th. You can tune in by radio or online!





If I Could Change My World


Poetry in Black and White

Question MarkIf I could Change My World…

Ice cream would become a health food
Everyone would know fear as a motivator, not a stop sign
Sweat would turn into audible cheers as it breaks the surface of your skin
Hate groups worldwide calling for death and pain would be served first, quieting our world into dialogue
The healing powers of sleep would invigorate our souls to achievement
Confidence would remain born in every moment
Each lived day would be delivered to our personal libraries as a highlight reel revealing to ourselves the best of who we are
Sex could only be performed as love
Smiles would become the global currency so that the truly rich would freely share their wealth
The blight of religions worldwide would grow from the fertilizer of their doctrines a true recognition and enlightenment of their own dark hearts, real truths, which would breed  in each converts’…

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Making Love with the Universe


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The Transparent Author

11111398 - young couple in love, with pattern and overlay effects

Back in college I had my fun. I dated a lot of guys…and yes, I will admit, slept with almost as many. I loved the pursuit, the thrill of the chase. I loved the rush of endorphins, that beautiful feeling of falling into place with some sexy, long haired musician, poet, or chem studies major. Together we’d get into this great groove and in doing so we’d both feel this wonderful rush, that illusionary high of falling in love.

Unfortunately the fun never lasted. At some point either I’d see through the guy’s theatrics, or he’d see through mine and the grand illusion would fall apart. We’d be left looking at each other thinking, “We’ll this isn’t at all what I thought it would be,” and so, we’d both go our separate ways, each seeking out the next wild ride.

I think I was more into the act of falling…

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Writing Naked


Poetry in Black and White

I chose to compose this post on Poetry in Black and White rather than my main author site, because it is here that I most often “connect” with the subject of this post. Too many times I feel we, as writers, embrace the concept that our writing must be accessible to all. Everything, and I do mean everything, I’ve experienced as a writer points to this. Sometimes the message is subtle, but its there.

Writing naked does not necessarily mean physically, even though I do so at times! LOL! Writing naked involves what a wonderful writer and friend in London once told me. She said, “When you post your ‘raw’ poetry, the writing contains accessible power for the reader.” I’m paraphrasing that last statement. I understood what she was saying, and I’ve worked to hone this concept over the years. Her first book is nearly done, and as an…

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Announing an Upcoming Book Release…


The Transparent Author

With the support of new and seasoned writers, a dedicated editor, graphic artist, and a really cool photographer–all volunteering their time for a good cause ….I’m proud to announce the soon to be released (May 25th!) Flagler County Anthology.

book release party flier

If you live in Northeastern Florida, please join us for our big celebration.

For more information on our wonderful writing community check out the article in the Daytona News Journal

For specific questions email me at becky(at)

About the book….

Magical coins, mermaids, vengeful lunch ladies, and more….

You’ll find it all in this whimsical collection of stories written by seasoned writers and beginners alike, all hailing from our rich beach side community in Flagler County, Florida.

Take a dive into these nighttime tales of wild oceans, lost lovers, and fanciful beasts, and support not only our vibrant community but also local charity Christmas Come True, which will be…

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Writing from the Graveyard of Your Memories


Please read this post! It is exactly how I got started with the first book of my series! Then the story manifested its self!

Michael Ray King

Out of Your Mind Publishing1Snagging your writing mojo is really an exercise in accessing yourself. Writing is a solitary endeavor. You battle against yourself, but my experience with most of our battles is that we fight the wrong ones. When you desire to write your passion, whether fiction, non fiction, we tend to wrestle with rules. Not just any rules. Forget the rules of grammar, punctuation, syntax, and all that crap. We may fight those demons on some minor scale, but most often we fight rules of engagement.

Do you remember the manner in which the British was portrayed fighting battles with their lines behind lines behind lines of redcoats, exposed to the enemy? I always thought, “What a ridiculous way to fight! You place your military in obvious danger. They’re sitting ducks. Easy targets.

I feel often we fight our inner demons in that manner. We lay siege in and attempt to overwhelm…

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