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The Battle of thought-Poem

The Power of Thought - NARA - 534178

The Power of Thought – NARA – 534178 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I fight with my thinking.

It is so unfair.

I battle with thought.

Does any one care?


Turmoil and Confusion

I made it my own.

Working on being positive

like a quilt being sown.


Take  it one step at a time

 and the progress will show.

I tell myself each moment

that nobody will know.


Yes I struggle and fight

only with myself.

In hopes of some day

I  put  my book on a shelf.


Will it end there

or will I need more?

Questioning my limits

is what is in store.


I need new rhythm

to my words and song.

The battle with thought

is becoming all wrong.


A disease,  A cancer

that will   plague my dream.

To most a side step of life

is all it will seem.


 I look out to the sun

he is smiling on me.

Do not give up

this is what is to be.