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ALL KINDLE EDITIONS FREE-November 28th #GivingTuesday

ALL KINDLE EDITIONS FREE-November 28th #GivingTuesday

Tuesday November 28th is my BIRTHDAY!! It is also known as #GivingTuesday. I asked myself what I would want for my BIRTHDAY. I would want NEW READERS to read my books. So I decided and working with my publisher, and AMAZON, we have made it possible to giveaway all my books KINDLE EDITIONS away for FREE!!!

I know I’m NUTS for giving my newest release SISTERLY away-it’s only been out for a month! BUT it’s my BIRTHDAY!!!! Also this will be the first time Chasing Butterflies in the Unseen Universe has ever been available for FREE down load!

You don’t needed a KINDLE to download. You can download on your phone or computer by downloading the APP that Amazon will provide!  Just click on the link below to my AUTHOR page ALL MY BOOKS ARE THERE!




Floyd Mayweather verses Conor McGregor, we got our money’s worth. Did you get to see that fight? Well, I sure did. My oldest son earlier in the week had ask if we could rent this fight. He wanted to have friends over have some snacks. We decided make it a night for him to hang with his buddies at home. I thought what the heck “teenage boys” home… It was a logical yes. They would be home and not out looking for trouble. So we agreed. The strangest part of it all, is what I got out of this fight…
How many of us that watched the fight woke up from a dream of boxing? Well, I did. This girl right here… I was boxing in my dreams. I was winning too. My opponent was swinging these massive punches at me and at the right moment, I would duck and then jab making direct contact with her jaw. It was very vivid dream. I ducked and jabbed several times not once allowing her to make contact with my face. Yet I felt, if she did make contact, I was okay with it because either way I was going to win.
Sounds like a crazy dream right. Well, as I am ducking and jabbing. I started to notice she, my opponent, was tiring from all the punches she was throwing at me. For a few moments, I began to feel very bad for her. So I stopped ducking, to allow her to get a hit in. She swung and hit me right in the nose. And it was okay that she had hit me. Wow, this was really an adrenaline driven dream. No matter what, I was winning! I felt this in my dream… The really craziest thing is my opponent was me…
So now you know, I learned something about myself, all from watching Mayweather verses McGregor. No matter what I’ll always win the fight. Remember this, when you are in the ring, the toughest opponent is always yourself, and not some unknown fighter.
I know a lot of self-help books say the hardest battle is with the self, or you are your greatest enemy. This is so true, I know this. But there is something about actually watching myself boxing with my opponent (My other self) that made me see, that no matter what, I leave the ring as a winner…

mayweather mcgregor

#FREE #FRIDAY Book one and book two!


Hey Family Friends and Fans!

To celebrate the release of SISTERLY I am giving Chasing Butterflies in the Magical Garden KINDLE EDITION #FREE on Amazon for the next THREE FRIDAYS!!

To add to the celebration Chasing Butterflies in the Mystical Forest is #FREE today and the next Two FRIDAYS and SATURDAYS!!! You guessed right! BOTH BOOKS WILL BE #FREE! Just click the buy button and it is all yours!

Enjoy this GIFT! And please don’t forget to leave a review! Here is a link to my new release Sisterly…

Share the LOVE!!!

Jorja DuPont Oliva

One year of being a published author!



So friends, it has been one full year since I became a published author. Chasing Butterflies in the Magical Garden was Published November 30,2013 and my release was December 7. 2013. It was an amazing time for me (Still is but with two books under my belt I feel a bit smarter) I know all books have TYPO’S and I did have some, still do…I wanted to give the book one year and then revise it, get rid of some of them (if not all). 2015 I have plans of doing a revised version of book one Chasing Butterflies in the Magical Garden for all the TYPO Nazi’s I aggravated. (sorry again) I’m even considering changing the cover. (Not sure yet) Big publishing house’s do it all the time. So I asked myself why can’t I do the same! It’s been a year of wonderful adventures, I’ll share some great moments with you.

My first book signing

This was my first books signing. The picture is of me and my publisher/teacher/mentor Michael Ray King. I love this picture because for one -look at my face! And notice my book! It was me, all me, and it was MY perfect-imperfect masterpiece!
This is and event I became involved in- Authors Supporting the troops- sign copies of various authors sent books over seas to the troops, and I plan to do this again this year with book two. I have to say, when I saw my book, MY perfect-imperfect masterpiece in the a solders hands I felt honored to be a part of the event!
entry #4
This was two contest that I held to get MY perfect-imperfect masterpiece to be noticed by new readers. Favorite Magical garden photo and Favorite fan picture! That was fun to do with MY perfect-imperfect masterpiece!
Change Jar
This was a picture taken at a book store in Flagler Beach-Change Jar Books.  It was a great day, local authors gathered to this event. Change Jar opened at a new location, bigger and better.
book two
Last, but not least my second book- Chasing Butterflies in the Mystical Forest-Book signing. Another great chapter in my life. Wow, how I’ve grown. MY perfect-imperfect masterpiece was there beside me on all of the journeys.
MY perfect-imperfect masterpiece…It was me, the true me(TYPO’S and all). My point is that we (as humans) tend to seek out perfection or what society considers to be perfect. (Face it, no one or nothing is perfect) Nothing is wrong with seeking to make something better, but do it for you-not because it is expected. For years I struggled with trying to please everyone and be perfect(or at least appear to be),but in side I was still the prefect-imperfect person. One day I woke up and realized I was only an actress,  being what society wanted me to be. Right now I’m cleaning up some of the TYPO’s that seeped through the cracks of the publishing world (yeah they were my fault) and it saddens me a bit. Why? Here it is -MY perfect-imperfect masterpiece-Chasing Butterflies in the Magical Garden FIRST EDITION- that is me, the true ME. Then I ask myself…(Is this how caterpillars feel before they cocoon and change into butterflies?) So I’m taking a moment to reflect on the year, and embrace my perfect- imperfections (Which I think are perfect by the way) then I plan to move forward. Did you know I only type 10 words a minute?-No joke…I can’t spell very well either and I only averaged C’s in English through my school years. In college I avoided the English classes until the very end. (Mind you I am improving daily and plan to keep improving. Not to conform to society or others, but to better my perfect-imperfections.)
Revised Version of Chasing Butterflies in the Magical Garden will be out 2015.
Thank you to everyone that has supported me and journeyed along with me. Remember to embrace and love your perfect-imperfections because they are who you are. They fertilize your growth and feed your soul to help you become the best that you can be.

99 CENTS-Chasing Butterflies in the Magical Garden

99 CENTS-Chasing Butterflies in the Magical Garden

If you missed out on the FREE kindle edition…good news AMAZON will have it for $.99 until the end of the year! This is book one in the Chasing Butterflies Series. Book two will be coming out this OCTOBER. Hope you have a great day and enjoy the read! You can get to AMAZON right from this site just click the link.>>>>>>>>>follow>>>>>>the arrows>>>>

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 I will say, this is a start to a wonderful future! I always said, an animals instinct is always right!

Chasing Butterflies in the Magical Forest- Book two in the Chasing Butterflies series is 40% finished!!!!

You give so much.-POEM


As Darkness wraps around me, I embrace it. Only to have you once more, in the crisp morning dawn. You snuggle your sweet warmth, into my soul. You cool my heat, and dry my sweat. You give me passion, for words. You give fragrance, to spark a memory. You give changing of temperature, to harvest […]