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Answers to your Questions.


Dear friends,

Over the last year I have been asked many questions about writing, my books, and the how I went about getting started. At times I would be stumped and really had to think on how to answer them. I wanted to answer them as honestly as possible with out any clichés. (I love clichés, and metaphors.) So over the last year I have jotted down these questions. I thought long and hard  how to answer each one. (mostly for my on purpose.) Today I would like to share these questions and answers with you.

QUESTION #1 -How did you come up with the title to book one- Chasing Butterflies in the Magical Garden?

It just happened- I answered. (really it did, but it wasn’t the answer I wanted to give but I didn’t know exactly how to explain.)

Originally book one was going to be called Magical Misfits or Gifts from the Misfits (I still plan to write that book!) Book one really started out and took on a life of its own. The characters were searching for change (metaphor of butterfly). One character looking for a sign from a deceased boyfriend and the other wanting to fall in love again.  I too was in a transition in my life so Chasing Butterflies was the perfect fit. The magical Garden came into play (Metaphor for the character’s small community) and also part of the story, flowers bloomed to represent loved ones that past and while in the garden (magical) friendships formed. So when a book two-Chasing Butterflies in the Mystical Forest started brewing in my head (I was still working on book one at the time) Chasing Butterflies Series manifested its self. (I personally prefer short titles) 

QUESTION #2-How long did it take you to write?

Book one took me 44 days I took 2 hours every night (my TV time) and just wrote. Book two took me 3 months. I wrote when I was able too(I loved to sneak off and write when kids were at school). I took my time on that one.(Book two was a cleaner version than book one at the end of the story, due to learning with book one.) So “the stories” were written quickly. The writing process seems to come naturally to me. My weakness is the editing and rewriting(Which now after two books I’m getting that down too!) I work anywhere from 6-8 weeks (Depending on how fast the proofreader’s get back to me) cleaning up errors and content that may be hard to understand. I’m old-fashioned so I still send my manuscripts out to proofers with red pen and on paper.(Just like I am being graded in school.) I probably go over my work at least 100 times before it gets sent to a professional editor. (So at times, writing the story is the easy part.) As this process is happening I sometimes get idea’s that expand the story.

QUESTION #3- What made you write a book?

I never planned to write a book. It just happened.(Really it did! That wasn’t the answer I wanted to give but I didn’t know exactly how to explain.) I would always “say” I was going to write a book some day but never “meant” it. My mother wrote for our local news paper for years and always wanted to write children’s books. So maybe the fact that she always said it played part in why I always “Said” it. What I did want was to maybe find a new occupation or learn to do something I never have done before. (I was going through some kind of middle life crisis at 42 years old.) So I started wanting to go back to school.  Money and the lack of was holding me back  from college. (I do still want to go back!) I wanted to start with something that I could dedicate to and still take care of my family. Going through an Adult Community Education newsletter I saw a class that gave me a vision.-“Maybe I could write a book like the ones I love to read. Magical!” The class was “Go write and you can’t go wrong” How to write a book in thirty days. The teacher’s name was Michael Ray King and he was a 9 times published author. Which made me remember my mother always wanting to write children’s books, so I went to her house to see if she would be interested in taking this easy 6 week class with me. It wasn’t a pass or fail kind of  class, you either did or you didn’t. My mother agreed (Which by the way she has several books she has in the works but doesn’t ever plan to publish them.-But I still do!) So we took the class, and that’s how it all started. I did exactly as Michael Ray King taught and I was loving it. I became addicted to my new-found joy!

QUESTION#4-What was the idea behind the meanings or creatures of air and earth in book one?

I am an animal lover. I have many animals (most were given to us from people who were no longer able to care for them). Dogs, chickens, pigs, and a cockatoo named Casper. Oh… a hamster, lizard, and fish. Yes there is a lot. Each one unique and with its own set of needs. We care for these animals daily and give them the best life possible. I would observe them a lot and I could see how they socialize very similar to humans. That being said, they inspired me to start researching animal meanings. Life of Pi was just coming out on pay per view so it also sparked my interest even more. I researched and found all kinds of cool stuff. At first I was going to have it in the story (kind of hidden) but very few people would find it or get it. Unless I explained it. So that is why I decided on adding the creatures of air and earth glossary. (So now I’ve unknowingly started branding my style.) I do have to tell you, many people knew I was researching animal meanings, and would ask me what certain animals meant. So that was my validation that it was needed in the book. My editor suggested the prologue with the creatures of air and earth talking about the humans. (Again unknowingly branding myself.) And by the way that’s one of my favorite parts of the Chasing Butterflies Series books.

QUESTION#5-How did the meanings of tree’s come about in book two?

As a child, my father worked for the forestry service, and that probably brought on my love of tree’s. As a kid he would take us on rides in the woods and he would teach us things about trees. Just as the animals inspired me to do research, so did the idea of tree meanings. I also have many tree’s where I live. Oak, cedar, and some pine , again I would observe them. How they grew, how they swayed and how different they appeared. A lot like with the animals they too were unique and with its own set of needs. A lot like humans. That is how Mystical Forest started to evolve.

QUESTION#6- What are you working on now? 

Book three Chasing Butterflies in the Unseen Universe. I always look up to the stars and make wishes. This was an idea that sparked again while writing book two. I always was intrigued with the idea that stars we see here on earth have died millions of years ago but yet we still see them. Again like humans I see my grandparents now in my parents and my parents now in myself, and my self in my children,  just like the stars. So with that being said, look for some kind of star related meanings in book three.-2015/2016. I am improving with writing so I am trying some more complicated idea’s with this story.


QUESTION #7- Are you making any money? (This is the question I hate to answer but seems to be the most popular.)

I will say that writing only takes a pen and a paper. So to write it doesn’t cost you much to get started.(So don’t let money every stop you from writing!) I haven’t made any money as of yet, but I see it as an investment in myself. Money is needed to get your book out there. I have put money out with the books I have donated and paying for the professional editing. Also publishing fee’s and art work, etc…  I am very proud to say in one year most of those money’s have been paid back and only 1/4 of that is still waiting. So I believe that’s pretty good for my new business adventure. (I’m not making a living on two books, but I’m not stopping at two either!) I would love to be able to make a living on my writing.  I see it actually happening someday, but today it is not the case.  I am being paid in other ways. I have readers tell me they loved my writing and that is priceless. I also love to do it and that is priceless. My family is proud of me and that is priceless. My friends are inspired and that too is priceless. So to answer- Am I making any money?-no but I’m being rewarded with things money could never touch!

QUESTION #8- All of your characters have some kind of quirky flaw what is the reason for that?

My characters are perfect. Just like the animals and the tree’s each of us are unique and with our own set of needs. So flaws is my idea of perfection in a character.  Over the years I have come to believe our so-called flaws may actually be our gifts. So we as people should embrace them not hide or look down on them. 

QUESTION #9- If you could describe your book series in one sentence what would it be?

The books in the Chasing Butterflies Series are Magical, Mystical, Unseen Journey’s just like the animals, the tree’s and the stars…each one unique with its own set of needs!(I told you I liked metaphors!)



Jorja Dupont Oliva





One year of being a published author!



So friends, it has been one full year since I became a published author. Chasing Butterflies in the Magical Garden was Published November 30,2013 and my release was December 7. 2013. It was an amazing time for me (Still is but with two books under my belt I feel a bit smarter) I know all books have TYPO’S and I did have some, still do…I wanted to give the book one year and then revise it, get rid of some of them (if not all). 2015 I have plans of doing a revised version of book one Chasing Butterflies in the Magical Garden for all the TYPO Nazi’s I aggravated. (sorry again) I’m even considering changing the cover. (Not sure yet) Big publishing house’s do it all the time. So I asked myself why can’t I do the same! It’s been a year of wonderful adventures, I’ll share some great moments with you.

My first book signing

This was my first books signing. The picture is of me and my publisher/teacher/mentor Michael Ray King. I love this picture because for one -look at my face! And notice my book! It was me, all me, and it was MY perfect-imperfect masterpiece!
This is and event I became involved in- Authors Supporting the troops- sign copies of various authors sent books over seas to the troops, and I plan to do this again this year with book two. I have to say, when I saw my book, MY perfect-imperfect masterpiece in the a solders hands I felt honored to be a part of the event!
entry #4
This was two contest that I held to get MY perfect-imperfect masterpiece to be noticed by new readers. Favorite Magical garden photo and Favorite fan picture! That was fun to do with MY perfect-imperfect masterpiece!
Change Jar
This was a picture taken at a book store in Flagler Beach-Change Jar Books.  It was a great day, local authors gathered to this event. Change Jar opened at a new location, bigger and better.
book two
Last, but not least my second book- Chasing Butterflies in the Mystical Forest-Book signing. Another great chapter in my life. Wow, how I’ve grown. MY perfect-imperfect masterpiece was there beside me on all of the journeys.
MY perfect-imperfect masterpiece…It was me, the true me(TYPO’S and all). My point is that we (as humans) tend to seek out perfection or what society considers to be perfect. (Face it, no one or nothing is perfect) Nothing is wrong with seeking to make something better, but do it for you-not because it is expected. For years I struggled with trying to please everyone and be perfect(or at least appear to be),but in side I was still the prefect-imperfect person. One day I woke up and realized I was only an actress,  being what society wanted me to be. Right now I’m cleaning up some of the TYPO’s that seeped through the cracks of the publishing world (yeah they were my fault) and it saddens me a bit. Why? Here it is -MY perfect-imperfect masterpiece-Chasing Butterflies in the Magical Garden FIRST EDITION- that is me, the true ME. Then I ask myself…(Is this how caterpillars feel before they cocoon and change into butterflies?) So I’m taking a moment to reflect on the year, and embrace my perfect- imperfections (Which I think are perfect by the way) then I plan to move forward. Did you know I only type 10 words a minute?-No joke…I can’t spell very well either and I only averaged C’s in English through my school years. In college I avoided the English classes until the very end. (Mind you I am improving daily and plan to keep improving. Not to conform to society or others, but to better my perfect-imperfections.)
Revised Version of Chasing Butterflies in the Magical Garden will be out 2015.
Thank you to everyone that has supported me and journeyed along with me. Remember to embrace and love your perfect-imperfections because they are who you are. They fertilize your growth and feed your soul to help you become the best that you can be.

Book Two FREE Kindle edition November 28(Black Friday)!


Dear Friends,

Save the date November 28 (Black Friday)! The day after Thanksgiving and also my Birthday, and I have a gift for you! Amazon will have book two of the Chasing Butterflies Series(yes the new book)- Chasing Butterflies in the Mystical Forest– FREE KINDLE EDITION! Here is your chance to download it to you kindle, computer, or smart phone! It will only be offered for that day so get it while your can! Don’t forget to leave a review! Enjoy!


Jorja DuPont Oliva

P.S. Also Book One is still 99 cents for kindle edition-Chasing Butterflies in the Magical Garden- Amazon.com


Change Jar Gathering-Book Signing/Readings



Dear Friends,

Just received some wonderful news. Some of us local authors are gathering in Flagler Beach this November at Change Jar Books. We will be at Change Jar Books signing books and doing readings as an all day event. If you are looking for Christmas Gifts for that reader in your family or even for yourself. This is the place to be! For those of you that were unable to make my signing in October here is another chance for you! Check out the  press release below!

Hope to see you there!

Yours Truly,

Jorja  DuPont  Oliva






Flagler Writer’s Forum to Host Literary Event with Kindle Giveaway


A community of local authors will gather Saturday, November 22 from 9am until 5pm for an all-day book signing/reading at the new home of Change Jar Books – 319 Moody Blvd, Flagler Beach. All guests who purchase a book will have a chance at winning a Kindle loaded with books from all the authors.

Featured authors include;

  • Steve Boone and his stories about his life as a member of the The Lovin’ Spoonful
  • Marybeth Jeitner and Heather Chalmers co-authors of the children’s book “Saving Libbie the Lobster”
  • Jorja Dupont-Oliva with her adventures in the magical garden.
  • Kevin Cox, author of “A Year in Bushwick” – stories about a New York City police precint.
  • Becky Pourchot with her paranormal Hungry Ghost tales
  • Tim Baker with stories featuring local Flagler Beach, fictional hero Ike.
  • Robin Soprano-Aiello and her modern day fairy tale “A Soul Mate’s Promise”
  • Michael Ray King with his non-fiction books for writers
  • More writers as well!

Says Pourchot, “We’re excited to offer a little something for everyone. With books for kids, paranormal, fantasy, action, and memoir all together for sale in one location, it’s the perfect place to find signed copies for everyone on your holiday list.”


Contact: Becky Pourchot


386 627 5341

www. beckypourchot.com




P.S. I’ll have both books available for purchase!

Chasing Butterflies in the Mystical Forest is Released!


Dear Friends,
Exciting news! I have just released yet another butterfly! Book two-CHASING BUTTERFLIES IN THE MYSTICAL FOREST-has been released to the public. You can  purchase Chasing Butterflies in the Mystical Forest at Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com and Books a million.com-all have it available for purchase. I will be sharing the link via twitter and via Facebook. Kindle Editions will be available for purchase Friday October 3, 2014.
I have a book signing scheduled:
Oct. 19 from 1:00 pm 4:00 pm
616 North State St. (US 1)
Bunnell Fl.32110
I will have paperbacks and hardcovers available to purchase.(limited supply) THE BEER HOUSE will be serving a steamy bowl of Lizzy’s Brunswick stew and displaying the mysterious childhood chest and trunk that are featured in CHASING BUTTERFLIES IN THE MYSTICAL FOREST. Come and enjoy the walk through the MYSTICAL FOREST with us.
I do have several other signings in the works, and will update you as to when and where, as soon as possible.
Another quick reminder: CHASING BUTTERFLIES IN THE MAGICAL GARDEN-Book One KINDLE EDITION will still be $.99 on Amazon I’m hoping till 2015. Please remember to do your reviews!
I’m very excited to have another book for your entertainment. Enjoy your walk through the MYSTICAL FOREST!


Jorja DuPont Oliva


author picture_edited_edited (2)

Photo by Janelle Barbour


Book Two


99 CENTS-Chasing Butterflies in the Magical Garden

99 CENTS-Chasing Butterflies in the Magical Garden

If you missed out on the FREE kindle edition…good news AMAZON will have it for $.99 until the end of the year! This is book one in the Chasing Butterflies Series. Book two will be coming out this OCTOBER. Hope you have a great day and enjoy the read! You can get to AMAZON right from this site just click the link.>>>>>>>>>follow>>>>>>the arrows>>>>

FREE KINDLE EDITION-Magical Garden-Sept.5-9


I’m very excited about some news I got today… AMAZON will have Chasing Butterflies in the Magical Garden KINDLE edition for FREE From SEPT. 5-9! PLEASE share with your friends and family! Download it and ENJOY! You can download the kindle APP to any computer or smart phone! You can get directly to AMAZON site from this page!>>>>18908451

20 years of Friendship-POEM


Friendships are the Magical Gardens
manifested on a swing.
Friendships are the trees in the Mystical Forests
patiently waiting for spring.
Friendships are the Unseen Universe
where the stars are a line.
Friendships are the constellations
the future may find.
Friendships are the cool fall breeze
that gently will blow.
Friendships are the glistening river rocks
as the waters flow.
Friendships are the twinkling of stars
shining in the night.
Friendships are the perching eagle
preparing to take flight.
Friendships are the magical sounds
of the pounding rain.
Friendships are the comfort and strength
to those in pain.
Because of written words
friendships will never die.
Butterflies are friendships and
always were meant to fly.
Friendships are kindred and always real.
Friendships are precious not even death can steal.


Suicide prevention-Why I decided to jump…


Today I decided to jump… on the band wagon. May I say this was very hard for me to do. This is a subject that hits very close to my heart. This week was very hard for me because I saw how everyone was jumping on the Robin Williams band wagon. Some for personal gain others because it hit home for them. It hit home for me as well. I did want to tell my story to help those needing that help but also didn’t want to jump on the personal gain band wagon. Chasing Butterflies in the Magical Garden was written to help people deal better with the suicide issue. It was the main reason I wrote it. SIGN #1. It was based on actual events that played out in my life. This is a subject that is very hard for people to talk about and I too struggle with. I’m not a wonderful writer but I will improve in time. My intentions for writing the book was help someone (Even if it is only one person) See how beautiful our lives can be especially after over coming hard obstacles life throws at us. What made me decide to write Chasing Butterflies in the Magical Garden? I had a story that suicide impacted. I had beautiful relationship, beautiful memories and beautiful moments were created because of tragedies like this and others that were prevented. Something I always say to myself when looking back…  if we wouldn’t have survived that, then the other wonderful things would have never happened.

Why I decided to jump was…I believe in signs! I believe they come from God. They are to help guide us in the direction best suited for us. I’m not out to convince anyone of this but it is how I believe. I believed he was helping me through the writing process of Chasing Butterflies in the Magical Garden. Why you ask? Because I got signs! Yep, I sure did. (That will be another book)- Writing this blog Signs were slapping me in the face again! I scrolled Facebook daily reading quotes from Robin Williams and all the movies he had played in. My favorite movie of all time was  “What Dreams May Come” I loved it so much that when it hit DVD my husband bought it for me. I have literally watched it a hundred times and each time I found something I missed. Ironically that movie was about suicide SIGN #2. Then Becky Pourchot (a fellow author) had a blog-Thanks for the Camel-thetransparentauthor.wordpress.com- SIGN#3 Take a look at it and you can understand more. That moment I started  to look for “MY SIGNS” I realize there were many.(I am only mentioning the ones that stand out the most.) and if I should even blog about this subject. Then I look on Amazon my review page and  see two really bad reviews of my book. (No that wasn’t a sign) I was devastated. My heart crumbled as though it was being ripped from my chest. (I secretly had been waiting for a bad review) I never expected to NOT get a bad review, just was not expecting them to be that negative.(Almost down right evil). I was very close to stopping myself from writing any more, at least for the public. That being announced, which too was very hard for me. I saw myself sinking like a rock, wanting to stop communicating and rereading them over and over. (Mind you I have 33 awesome reviews) but I dwelled on the two bad ones. Why you ask? I suppose it is part of our human nature. I sat staring at the bad reviews and said a prayer to God. It was something like this…

Dear God,

I’m ok that I got the bad reviews. I’m not asking you to make me a better writer or them a nicer reviewer. I am asking you to give me strength to continue writing, continue helping people with my writing. My intentions are good intentions and that is all I ask of you. I will work hard as I am able. I will become better on my own. I am asking you to help me help people coup with life tragedies, imperfections and losses.

Not long after, I signed onto Facebook the first picture that showed up on my computer screen SIGN#4-I KID YOU NOT!

GetAttachment RIP Robin Williams

Yep, a BUTTERFLY and Robin Williams- notice the quote! My words, even if they are simple, they can reach a greater number of people. My idea’s may be strange but they too can reach people. So my question is (to myself) could I change the world? Maybe not but if I can change one persons life, I’m a step in the right direction!

Thank you God…because today I write…

Chasing Butterflies in the Mystical Forest-COVER REVEAL!


Dear Friends,

Book two of the Chasing Butterflies Series is almost ready for your reading pleasure! I’m very excited!  I will be honest, I surprised myself with this one. I have improved a great deal in my writing and imagination. This all has been a great learning experience for me. I plan to keep writing and continue with MICHAEL RAY KINGS wonderful GO WRITE and YOU CAN”T GO WRONG classes. There will be a book three with this series -I have started researching already! I do plan to venture into more uncomfortable work in the future! Here is the cover for CHASING BUTTERFLIES IN THE MYSTICAL FOREST! I can’t wait !!! We are looking at October 2014 as publishing date.

Yours Truly,

Jorja DuPont Oliva



Dee and Lizzy are chasing butterflies once again, this time in the mystical forest.

Life is often something other than what we think it is. And, when darkness takes over, we can stay in the shadows, or step out and search for the truth, which brings light.

Dee’s search takes her to the Mystical Forest where secrets are abundant. As she grapples with what is real and what is not, Dee’s precious friendship with Lizzy may be at stake.

Alone in her travels, will Dee find her true path? Will her quest for happiness be found in a mysterious childhood chest? Can the family curse she discovers be broken? Is Dee’s fate to be alone her entire life? The answers lie somewhere hidden in the mystical forest.

mystical forest



Is anyone truly meant to spend their entire life alone? In Chasing Butterflies in the Mystical Forest, Dee searches for the truth, to free her from darkness and solitude. As Dee grapples with what is real, and what is not, Lizzy can only keep faith, so it doesn’t consume their friendship. Once again, a lesson can be learned: things are not always what you think they are…