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2014 Book two in the works!


I know…I know Book one just came out. I am still smiling like the joker with that but I CAN”T STOP WRITING! I haven’t been sleeping with all the ideas I have for the next book. I had started It just before my first was published. I wanted to take my time with it BUT now that the new year approached and pressure from my readers for another book…Well I’ve got my butterflies back and I’m so excited to get this one done. I’m 1/4 of the way and plan to work each night on it until it’s finished…that is a promise! I learned something about myself this year…I am a people pleaser! I tend to neglect things that I feel are important to me to please others. Now I have found my happy medium. My writing is important to me and you reading my stories is important to you. Thank you for the wonderful reviews and most of all thank you for wanting more! Here is a little taste of book two!(Possibly-I never know which way the story will go until I get there!)

Dee is struggling with the thought of being alone for the first time in years. After discovering her near death experience has opened her eyes to the other side- the spiritual realm. Secrets lurk around every corner that she steps. There is questions needing answers. Everything she thought about her family history were lies of convenience. Dreams of the past taunt her into discovering she has broken the curse put onto her family centuries ago-or has she? A childhood chest opens her up to a world she has imagined to be her fate. Searching for truth is the only answer and Lizzy is the one to show her the way.

silhouette picture snipet chapter six


look this is the start of todays writing           ironic!!!!!!<<
Saturday April 20, 2013 [-]
Lizzy and Dee returned home Dee was still holding the Picture Jessie had given her to her heart then as they pull up into the driveway she brings the picture down for her heart to take another look there was another picture stuck to the back of it almost trying to hide itself until that moment. It was a picture of a silhouette of Brad and his grandpa fishing.Brad was very young probably six or seven and his grandpa had a pipe and they were fishing in the stream that he had taken Dee to were he had told her he had loved her. Dee looks up to the sky and says “Thank you so much….. Brad” and puts the two pictures back up to her heart.