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Floyd Mayweather verses Conor McGregor, we got our money’s worth. Did you get to see that fight? Well, I sure did. My oldest son earlier in the week had ask if we could rent this fight. He wanted to have friends over have some snacks. We decided make it a night for him to hang with his buddies at home. I thought what the heck “teenage boys” home… It was a logical yes. They would be home and not out looking for trouble. So we agreed. The strangest part of it all, is what I got out of this fight…
How many of us that watched the fight woke up from a dream of boxing? Well, I did. This girl right here… I was boxing in my dreams. I was winning too. My opponent was swinging these massive punches at me and at the right moment, I would duck and then jab making direct contact with her jaw. It was very vivid dream. I ducked and jabbed several times not once allowing her to make contact with my face. Yet I felt, if she did make contact, I was okay with it because either way I was going to win.
Sounds like a crazy dream right. Well, as I am ducking and jabbing. I started to notice she, my opponent, was tiring from all the punches she was throwing at me. For a few moments, I began to feel very bad for her. So I stopped ducking, to allow her to get a hit in. She swung and hit me right in the nose. And it was okay that she had hit me. Wow, this was really an adrenaline driven dream. No matter what, I was winning! I felt this in my dream… The really craziest thing is my opponent was me…
So now you know, I learned something about myself, all from watching Mayweather verses McGregor. No matter what I’ll always win the fight. Remember this, when you are in the ring, the toughest opponent is always yourself, and not some unknown fighter.
I know a lot of self-help books say the hardest battle is with the self, or you are your greatest enemy. This is so true, I know this. But there is something about actually watching myself boxing with my opponent (My other self) that made me see, that no matter what, I leave the ring as a winner…

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The Battle of thought-Poem

The Power of Thought - NARA - 534178

The Power of Thought – NARA – 534178 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I fight with my thinking.

It is so unfair.

I battle with thought.

Does any one care?


Turmoil and Confusion

I made it my own.

Working on being positive

like a quilt being sown.


Take  it one step at a time

 and the progress will show.

I tell myself each moment

that nobody will know.


Yes I struggle and fight

only with myself.

In hopes of some day

I  put  my book on a shelf.


Will it end there

or will I need more?

Questioning my limits

is what is in store.


I need new rhythm

to my words and song.

The battle with thought

is becoming all wrong.


A disease,  A cancer

that will   plague my dream.

To most a side step of life

is all it will seem.


 I look out to the sun

he is smiling on me.

Do not give up

this is what is to be.